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Fireclay Kitchen Sinks

Fireclay Kitchen Sink Farmhouse sink

What is a Farmhouse Sink?

Farmhouse sink is a deep drop-in sink with an exposed front-facing side. The style was first originated in the European kitchen in the late 17th century, and today it is practically a part of every household. The farmhouse sink is generally designed very large in size. It offers more space to hold the water and clean large pots. The same exposed face of the farmhouse kitchen sink creates a classic look and adds a homely feel to your kitchen that is challenging to find anywhere else. The farmhouse kitchen sink is otherwise also known as an apron front sink because of its distinct look and exposed front-facing side. Both of their function is to be multiple functional and cater to the needs of a large family.

What is Fireclay?

Fireclay is a time-tested, enduring, and durable material that looks somewhat like enameled cast iron in appearance; appealing and subtle. It's a sort of ceramic that's molded at high temperatures rather than carving. Bluewater Homestyle uses the finest quality of fireclay to cultivate its premium sinks. The highly customizable material can be formed into any desired size and shape of the sink. Before the sinks start to dry, they are smoothed with soft sponges and water to remove surface imperfections. This helps create an even and seamless surface. A fireclay is burnt at exceptionally high temperatures in a tunnel kiln for extra-long hours to make sinks. The rigorous process produces a very hard surface that is scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, and acid- and alkali-resistant. The exemplary density of the fine fireclay makes the sinks naturally sound dampening while eliminating noise and vibration from running water to encourage a quieter kitchen. The process also fortifies the sink's strength as a whole whereas the superior density makes the sink naturally sound dampening for a quieter operation.

Why Do Fireclay Sink Stands Out?

Time-honored and precision-bounded, Bluewater fireclay kitchen sinks not only have a timeless and appealing appearance but are also durable and long-lasting. They help you create an all-in-one workstation that meets all your cooking and cleaning needs. From the mountain of dishes to your kid's clothes, you can use them to wash everything. The exceptionally hard and heat-proof surface of the sink effortlessly handles the damage caused by hot and cold water. The property of our fireclay sinks being resistant to acid, alkali, and abrasion allows you to prepare your favorite dishes without worrying about your sinks' capability to withstand the damages imposed by it. The hard surface of the sink also defies the toughest of scratches. The fireclay kitchen sinks also retain a non-porous surface which makes them a sound choice for everyone who desires a high-performance and enduring sink.

Fine and Flawless Finish with Everlasting Luminous Glaze

The Bluewater kitchen sinks are hand-finished by our skilled artisans to secure a luminous glaze and everlasting shine. The unique hand-finished techniques provide them with a gleaming luster that is both attractive and easy to upkeep. You can choose between a Carrera marble appearance or a Travertine appearance. Both create a soft aesthetics and luxurious look.

How to Clean or Maintain a Farmhouse Sink?

The fireclay farmhouse sinks have a smooth yet tremendously hard-wearing surface. It not only resists scratches but also protects from stains. These make cleaning and maintaining a farmhouse sink very simple and easy. Mild cleanser, warm water, and a soft cloth are all you need to clean it.

Pick a Style: Single-bowl or Double-bowl?

The premium Bluewater kitchen sinks come in two different styles; single bowl and double dowl. The single bowl apron sinks feature a single spacious bowl that come convenient when cleaning big pots and mountains of dishes. Their sophisticated design promotes an easy and efficient operation and they are an ideal choice for minimalist homes. The double-bowl sinks, on the other hand, are designed with two bowls. They are widely popular for their multi-purpose and highly flexible design. The double-bowl kitchen sinks make an excellent addition to houses that see a lot of guests and parties. It makes dishwashing easier by allowing you to use one bowl for soapy water and the other for rinsing. It also keeps everything in the kitchen organized. You can put your dirty dishes in one bowl while preparing food in other.

Advantages of Undermount Kitchen Sink

All luxury kitchen sinks are designed to mount under the kitchen countertop. They sit just below the kitchen countertop with a hidden edge. This creates a seamless look and also prevents the crumbs and debris from getting caught as you are cleaning. Besides all this, the under-mount kitchen sinks provide you with more counter space for utilization as there is no visible edge.

A Lavish Home Pre-requisite

All Bluewater sinks embody glory, aesthetic poetry, and world-class craft. They help you create a fine and refreshing kitchen that leaves a lasting impression on everyone. The state-of-the-art designs elevate the look of the kitchen while also retaining its feel. Their gorgeous design and elaborate craftsmanship let you create stunning kitchen decor that is hard to overlook. From traditional to modern, these lavish sinks go perfectly with every kitchen's aesthetic. They put fashion and functionality all in one place.