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Inspired By Sea

San Diego is a city by the water with shimmering smooth sunlight and cold breeze of night; natural assets like beaches, hills, creeks, and more. The creation of our faucet is inspired by nature and the smells and sights of an ocean. The approaches to designing faucets is provocatively termed giving comfort that desire to make luxury bathroom that is representative of our collective consciousness. Designing has always the potential to reflect an experience of time and place that decide the journey of craft to become an ART. When inspiration and innovation work hand-in-hand, it becomes easy for a design to create the most exceptional kitchen and bath experience possible for everyday life that's beyond the ordinary.

Every dining ritual starts and ends by washing hands. Similarly, every single day begins and ends with a trip to the bathroom. Therefore, an elegant and functional faucet is necessary and must-have for every kitchen and bathroom. A faucet that meets the requirements and perception. That's why inspired by our customer's needs, the Bluewater Homestyle has designed a line of premium and limited-edition faucets that flawlessly elevate the space while delivering outstanding performance.

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Bluewater Homestyle creates work of art characterized by sinuous forms and lot of details. Each piece has balance of macro and micro lines that create one artistic sketch in mind. Each piece evolved from one artist’s dream into a finely crafted product for the luxury bathroom.  This extraordinary quay approaches to the sink with a form of visual style symmetry with elements of ocean and heavens complimenting on each level. To witness these works of art revamp you to a whole new level as you reflect on texture of surface and spectacular curves of freedom into your own personal space.

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